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How to set up a printer on my Windows-based PC

Instructions for adding / installing printers on RHS computers. Is there a printer in your area to which you would like to print but you can't select it? If so, check out this article.

Information for New RHS Team Members

This article contains files that provide an overview of divisional technology and contact information for RHS Information Services.

Self-Service Password Manager

How to use the RHS self-service password manager/reset tool

Syncing RHS Email, Calendar, and Contacts with Smart Phones and Mobile Devices

Instructions for setting up syncing between RHS email, calendars and contacts with various smart phones and mobile devices.

Troubleshooting Dual Monitor Issues

How to switch from two monitors displaying the same screen to an "extended desktop" and the process for requesting an additional monitor.

Using the MSU Virtual Private Network

Access secure MSU systems and RHS files from locations off-campus.

Which Passwords to Use for Various Systems

Quick reference chart for which passwords to use for various systems and how to change each password.